The buds project


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BUDS stands for Better Use of Data to improve parent Satisfaction. The project will develop a simple and easy to use way of giving parents daily updates about their baby on the neonatal unit, for example using a mobile phone app.



The main aim is to improve communication with parents, make parents feel more involved in their baby's care and improve their satisfaction with neonatal care.  


We also want to see if giving information to parents in this way helps doctors and nurses to enter more complete data into the electronic medical notes.

research overview

1 in 8 babies born in the United Kingdom need some type of neonatal care. This can be very stressful and difficult for parents, who commonly report that they are not given enough information about their babies.

Giving parents regular updates about their baby makes them more satisfied with neonatal care. Information on all babies admitted to NHS neonatal units is already recorded on an electronic medical note system. We want to use this information to provide parents with regular updates about their baby.

To do this we will develop a system (like a mobile phone app) that will take information from a baby's electronic medical notes and give it to the baby's parents. We will work with parents, the national newborn charity Bliss, doctors and nurses to make sure that the information is what parents want and is easy to understand.


research importance

Having a sick baby that needs neonatal care is a stressful experience that can deeply affect families. We hope that by using available technology to share information in a clearer and simpler way, we can improve the parent experience of neonatal care.

We also think that giving parents access to their baby's information in this way might help improve the accuracy and completeness of the data that is stored in the electronic medical notes. This information is very important because it is used by doctors and nurses every day when caring for babies that need neonatal care. It is also anonymised (so that no baby can be identified) and forms the National Neonatal Research Database which is used to improve neonatal care in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

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